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The first and only Smart easel light! Our patented technology, cutting edge design and portability make the ML-EL the best easel light you will ever use. 

We all know that proper studio lighting is difficult to achieve but finding a good easel light is nearly impossible. If you are a plein air painter or if you just like the flexibility of painting in different locations then you know what we are talking about. Light in every situation is different. Every room in your home has different light, hotel rooms, classroom, and of course the great outdoors is a whole other set of issues. The light changes by the hour, the time of year and by the location. So how do we solve this problem? You create an easel light that can adapt to any lighting situation, has daylight quality light, is safe for your eyes, is battery operated or plugin, and can memorize and recreate the light you need with a touch of a button. The solution; the ML-EL Smart Easel Light.  

The ML EL Easel light is compact, battery operated when on the go or powered when in studio the heavy-duty clip  can be attached to almost anything. It features our patented True Color Light LED technology with 11 color temperature settings, ranging from 2700°K to 7000°K, 95+CRI and dimmer which allows you to bring out the true beauty of any work of art. The included remote control also has two memory settings, timer, and 24 hr repeat cycle.


  • Color Temperature: Adjustable 2700K to 7000k
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 95+ LED System
  • Carrying Case: Safely take your ML-EL with you
  • Rechargeable: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter/Charger: Charges battery pack or plugs in for studio use
  • Timer: 3 hr. automatic shut off 3 or 6 hr. delay
  • Dimmer: Ideal lighting intensity
  • Lamp Life: 50,000 hours
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty
  • Finish: Matte Black


  • Light Output: Max = 450 lumens battery, 680 pluged in
  • Battery Life: Approx.100 hours* (Max Output is 25 hrs)
  • Lamping: (6) High-efficiency 1W LEDs (Included)
  • Timer: 24 Hours Repeat Cycle
  • Powered by Included AC Adapter/Charger

*Depends on brightness and color temp.

Switch from 11 different color settings

see True Color Light™ in action!

...and work in a neutral lighting setting.

from Blue Skies to Evening Light

Method Light Mode

Who is it for?

Plein air artists

Seasoned artists who.... (INSERT GREAT COPY HERE)

Method Light Mode


Take your ML-EL to any workshop... (INSERT GREAT COPY HERE)

lori mcnee


..or simply use the ML-EL in your studio ... (INSERT GREAT COPY HERE)

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Shanna Kunz using the ML-EL as her studio light @shannakunz

Method Light Direct

Terry using the ML-EL as his easel light.

Method Light Direct

Lori McNee & Bill Davidson using the ML-EL during Plein Air Convention

Final View Method Light
Final View Method Light

Here are what some artists have to say...

Cindy Baron

Master Signature Member of Oil Painters of America

Final View Method Light
"The ML-EL has been a lifesaver. With all my travels, teaching and competitions, the versatility of Method Light is a winner. Nocturne, studio or workshops, it's my go-to travel accessory that gives out the most natural light when you need it most."

Bill Davidson


"This is the very best light I have ever used"
Final View Method Light

As seen being used in..

Final View Method Light

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