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Lighting is a huge issue for every artist. Some of the artists we've worked with have became so attached to our products and have become our brand ambassadors. To become a Perfect Art Lights ambassador you must be a professional art instructor with at least three years of experience and actively teaching classes. Instructors that qualify and that are willing to provide some additional information will get a demo light for FREE and will earn commission on the side.

Lori McNee

Lori McNee is an American artist who specializes in still life, landscape, plein air, and encaustic wax paintings. Inspired by nature, Lori’s paintings reflect her love of the great outdoors and respect for its creatures.

See Lori's work here.

Cindy Baron

Cindy is nationally recognized in both watercolors and oils, painting the grand landscapes of the western mountains and coastal shorelines. Cindy is a Master Signature Member of Oil Painters of America.

See Cindy's work here

Bill Davidson

Bill is a painting instructor, teaching highly sought after workshops across the country. Bill is a signature member of Plein Air Painters of the Southwest, Oil Painters of America and Rocky Mountain Oil Painters. 

See Bill's work here.

Rachael McCampbell

Rachael works primarily in oil, acrylic and Cold Wax Medium both en Plein Air and in her studio. She paints both representational and abstracted landscapes inspired by nature and leads exciting painting workshops in the US and abroad. She enjoys working to create public art in healthcare settings and more. 

See Rachael's work here.

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