Picture Lights

Every piece of artwork is special and unique in its own way. Artist can spend months (even years) on a piece of fine art up until they feel it's completed. Thus artworks are to be respected and taken well care of. Method lights are elegant, simple solution engineered with a cutting edge performance. All of our products feature a patented True Light Color™ technology allowing you to see colors accurately.


About True Color Light

True Color Light™ technology allows you to adjust the color temperature from 2700K (Kelvin) to 7000K. There are eleven setting or “scenes” to choose from. Warmer light brings out the reds and yellows while cooler light brings out blues and whites. This makes it possible to make the perfect light in any situation. Regardless of competing lights or any other factors, you can bring out the true colors in your work of art. For the first time, True Color Light™ technology makes it possible for you to see your artwork as it was intended to be seen.