Method Lights ML-EZ Battery Charger Kit for ML200 Plus LED Light

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      Method Lights ML-EZ Battery Charger Kit for ML200 Plus LED Light - NO MORE LADDERS!

      The ML-EZ Charger Kit makes charging your ML200 Plus picture/accent light easy! The kit allows you to recharge your ML200 Plus, in place, on the ceiling. The Kit comes with a telescopic pole (Extends up to10’), a 15’ extension cord that works with your AC adapter/charger, a magnetic coupler, and the exclusive Method Lights Locator Device that makes connecting your charger super easy! With the ML-EZ Charger Kit, you can reach ceilings up to 15’ high. Keep in mind you will need one (1) magnitic coupler for each ML200 Plus you are going to charge with the ML-EZ Charger Kit. 


      • Charge your ML200 on the ceiling
      • No more ladders!
      • Easy to use
      • Works on ceilings up to 15 feet high
      • Indicator lights (on ML200 Plus) for sure and complete charging


      • 10′ Telescopic Pole
      • (1) Magnetic Coupler
      • ML Locator device
      • AC Adapter/Charger extension cord
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5 star!

If you are buying (or if you already own) an ML200 picture light Method Lights ML200 Wireless Picture Light Fixture with Remote Control, Art Lighting Lamp, Whitethen this is a must have. It allows you to recharge the ML200 on the ceiling. So it literally mean NO MORE LADDERS!

Liz G.
Good Light

The light was easy to install and the remote was easy to program. We haven't had the light installed long enough to comment on the battery life. (We just purchased but have not yet received the EZ Charger.) The customer support was fantastic. We will probably be buying at least one more light. Highly recommend!

Nancy D.

This is amazing! I saw it demonstrated and was blown away by the ease of use and ability to recharge the ML200 battery while still on the ceiling! No need to climb and easy for anyone to install.

Kathy W.

The Methods Lights Charger Kit works like a charm. We have five ML-200 Plus Lights, and four of them are mounted on high ceilings. This Kit is very easy to use and took just a few minutes to set up, and even less time to put it away when the light was charged. So if you are planning to buy a ML-200 Plus light, or already have one, and the light(s) will be up high, this charger is a downright bargain. It'll save you time, it is a lot safer than climbing up a step-ladder, taking the light down, charging it, and climbing up the step ladder to snap the light back in place. I recommend this for everyone who has one of these ML-200 lights and it is mounted up high. Trust me, you'll be glad you got one.

Pat M.


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