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Eye Care for Artists: The Importance of Flicker Free LEDs

March 08 2019 – Bart Watkins

Eye Care for Artists: The Importance of Flicker Free LEDs
Eye Care for Artists: The Importance of Flicker Free LEDs

Why is good lighting important?

For artists working in the media industry, good lighting is a necessity. When painting in a studio or outside in the sunlight or using reflectors as a light source, you will barely come across flicker problems. However, when working in a studio, a flickering light source can be quite bothersome. It might also be harmful to an artist’s eyes who is constantly exposed to flickering lights. Flicker-free LEDs can come to the rescue here.

Let’s find out the importance of flicker-free LEDs and how you can avoid flicker from messing up your day.


Main Problems that occur due to Flicker

The flickers can cause issues like:

  • Eye strain, headaches, and fatigue
  • Individuals with photosensitive epilepsy suffer from seizures due to flickering lights
  • People who have autism could get negatively impacted as they have visual hypersensitivity which increases due to flickers
  • It reportedly causes migraines


Why choices other than LED are not as suitable to avoid flicker?

Normally, you don’t see tungsten bulbs flickering on a video. The bulb’s filament heats up and emits light. When you turn the power off, the filament cools down, and the glow reduces until a whole new cycle begins and the filament brightens up again. The human eye fails to capture the speed at which this happens.

Even the camera, on each frame, captures the same amount of light pulses and the flicker goes unnoticeable. Once the camera’s frame rates or the run-off speed start to increase, you will notice that the frames don’t have a constant rate of light pulses and these frames show signs of flicker.

In smaller-wattage bulb, this phenomenon is more obvious. In a 5000-watt bulb, the filament becomes so scorching hot that it doesn’t chill down enough between cycles and causes flickering. Although you can use DC voltage as a power supply for your lights as the bulb doesn’t go through the on and off cycle, to get 120 volts of DC, is not that simple. If one uses fluorescent lights, there could be even more flicker.


Why choose LED?

Flicker-free LEDs benefit from advanced technology to offer the best solution to all your flicker problems. Our top priority is to have all our products flicker free. LED lights also have more benefits than just removing flicker.

  • They are low maintenance and less costly
  • They last a long time and their lumen requires less maintenance
  • LEDs can be fully dimmed, saving your energy.
  • They can also be used along with sensor controls, operating with conjunctions
  • LED lights are mercury free, and even the amount of glass in them is negligible. This makes them suitable for places to safely consume food as contamination can be avoided.
  • LEDs are much more durable and reliable compared to other sources as they have no fragile tube or filament
  • Also, LEDs are found to be more resistant to shock and cold temperatures.
  • A lot of interaction with ultra violet and infrared waves can also cause harm to the human body. LEDs do not produce these rays.
  • LED lights have instant cycles and are not disturbed by switching cycles
  • LED lights are easy to clean.
  • They are resistant to vibrations
  • They do not attract insects

LED lights used in monitors and screens also help people avoid headaches and nausea due to the constant use of screens. Eyestrain is also prevented as LED screens, with barely any flicker, are more comfortable and relaxing for our eyes.

LEDs also consume low amounts of power. This is beneficial when you compare the energy consumption of various other lighting solutions. Most LED lighting results in up to 75% improvement in the overall energy efficiency of a facility’s lighting.

Moreover, they are also more durable than conventional lighting options. LED lights also have a better impact on our environment and boost the productivity of any indoor space. When we pair LED lights with intelligent controls and sensor, we can create a sustainable solution that benefits everyone. The best example of this is the ML-Direct Plus art studio light. It combines all of the best attributes of LEDs into one light.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know the many advantages of LED lights make a wiser choice when choosing a light source for your studio. LED lights will save you from being distressed and make them more productive, but you need to make sure the LEDs you but are flicker-free and do not ghost. Beyond this consider other factors including Color Rendering Index (CRI) and color temperature. True Color LightTM technology address all of these issues. Learn more HERE.