ML-FM Frame Mounted Picture Light


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      The most advanced picture light ever made — patented True Color Light technology, wireless, rechargeable battery, and remote control. 

      This light may look more like a traditional picture light than our other products, but that is where the comparison ends.  Our frame mounted light includes innovations that make it far superior to any other conventional picture light. First, it has our patented True Color Light technology that allows you to bring out the beauty in any work of art. Second, the ML-FM dose does not require you to buy batteries you simply recharge the battery pack. Other batteries operate lights require you to remove the artwork from the wall to replace the batteries. We have an exclusive charging system that allows you to recharge the light on the wall without moving it. The long battery life and ease of charging allow you near unlimited use of your light without having exposed wires or hiring an electrician.

      The Perfect light. Our patented True Color Light technology:

      • You can bring out the warm or cool tones with our adjustable color temperature 2700k to 7000K

      • Ture daylight quality light that brings out the richness every color. 

      • Flicker-free LEDs for eye care so that you can enjoy looking at your art as long as you like. 

      • Two memory settings so once you have the perfect light you can recreate it any time.


      No batteries to buy, ever. You can recharge the included battery pack over 500 times. 

      Beautiful modern design constructed out of Durable metal alloy.

      Daylight quality flicker-free LEDs that let you see all of your art without damaging your eyes.

      Costs far less than a traditional picture lights with far fewer capabilities




      The ML FM picture light is compact, battery operated and installs in minutes on the ceiling with no wiring required. It features our patented True Color Light LED technology with 11 color temperature settings, ranging from 2700°K to 7000°K, 95+CRI and dimmer which allows you to bring out the true beauty of any work of art. The included remote control also has two memory settings, timer, and 24 hr repeat cycle.


      • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 95+
      • Adjustable Lens: Small or Large Beam
      • Color Temperature: Adjustable 2700K to 7000K
      • Timer: 3 hr. automatic shut off 3 or 6 hr. delay 24 Hr. Repeat Timer
      • Rechargeable Battery Pack using Side Mounted Extension System
      • Dimmer: Ideal lighting intensity
      • Finish: Matte. ceiling white (Paintable)
      • Installs in minutes – all hardware included
      • Lamp Life: 50.000 hours


      • $300.00 Minimum Advertised Price (UPC# 700191985529)
      • Light Output: Max = 450 lumens, Max Output is 25 hrs
      • Battery Life: Up to 250 hours* in Energy Saver Mode (ESM)
      • Lamping: (6) High-efficiency 1W LEDs (Included)
      • Dimensions: Length 12″ to 18”, Width 2”, Height 16”
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